100% Plastic


This book is not too long, it doesn’t contain too much words, either. It’s not empty, though – its message is spoken through materials used for its creation. The goal of this project, called „100% plastic”, is to provoke thoughts about the amount of plastics used in our everyday life and what can be done to reduce their accumulation in our environment through recycling and thoughtful use.

The book was made of several kind of plastics (shopping bags, bubble wrap, X-ray films etc.) lying useless in my house. I decided to give them a second life and „recycle” them by creating a book showing how much of these materials we find useless and how useful they could be if only we recycle or reuse them properly.

In order to avoid unnecessary use of “new” materials, I decided to bind the book on my own, also using materials found in my house. In the end, I am proud to announce that a few hundred grams of plastic waste has been reused and even more of it has finally been put away for professional recycling.