31 spotkań

Tea Packaging

31 Spotkań” (the Polish word „spotkanie” can refer to both a social meeting as well as a football match) is a limited edition tea package designed to celebrate the EURO 2012 football tournament which is to be held in Poland and Ukraine this year. Both the inside and the outside of the package resemble a football pitch. Inside the package there are 31 football-shaped tea bags made of heat-resistant synthetic material.

This unique shape serves a double purpose – it is a clear reference to the event but it also makes brewing easier as it gives the tea leaves more space to float in hot water. Each bag is attached to a paper label with a special cutout which can be hung on the edge of a glass. Inside the package there is also a printed schedule of all 31 matches of EURO 2012 (hence the product’s name).
To make lives of the most emotional football fans easier, it is proposed that the tea could contain herbs commonly known as sore throat treatments, such as marshmallow or coltsfoot.

The “31 Spotkań” package is a natural choice for a tea manufacturer who wants to appeal to football fans. The product might not be cheap due to high manufacturing costs of unique tea bags, but the once-in-a-lifetime character of this product guarantees great success in terms of both product sales and the manufacturer’s PR.