Branding, Packaging

ANTONINA („Anthonine”) is a series of packages for sugar and exclusive confectionery products. The main hallmarks of the packages are simplicity of form and intuitiveness of use. The series is divided into two categories: packages for various forms of sugar and for confectionery products. The packages for confectionery products are in large part transparent. The main motivation for this kind of design was to expose the inherent attractiveness of the product rather than conceal it behind as is the case with a typical box.
Pure sugar is not as attractive visually, therefore packages for the second part of the collection are made of rigid paper. The additional advantage of this material is the protection it provides to the contents of the boxes. Each package is decorated with a label of a different colour so it is easy to distinguish each product from the others both in the kitchen and while shopping.
Special packages for sugar powder and vanilla sugar, both in the shape of a tube, have also been designed. The first one has an integrated grinder and a sift as well as a hole allowing the use of large quantities of the product. The other one comes with a lid and contains sugar with a real vanilla bean added as a natural source of flavor. To make it easier to open, the lid was supplied with a handle made of cloth.
Products of the ANTONINA series are exclusive and so are the packages for them. Not only do the ANTONINA packages protect their content, but also make every moment spent using them absolutely special for the user.