Visual Identification for the Silesian Icon 2013 Award


The lead motif of the competition visual identification was the „nine of diamonds” playing card, referring to the 9th edition of the event and the perfection of designs submitted for the competition. The „diamond” motif is based on the logo of the competition, designed by Justyna Kucharczyk, Anna Kmita and Andrzej Sobaś, resembling a lump of coal, the natural fossil for which is commonly associated with Silesia.


Zamek Cieszyn

Art Direction & Design:
Iwona Przybyła

The Silesian Icon Logo:
Justyna Kucharczyk, Anna Kmita and Andrzej Sobaś

Competition secretary and coordinator of the competition exhibition:
Agnieszka Woszczyńska

Arrangement of the competition exhibition:
Wzorro Design

Photos from the exhibition:
Dominik Gajda